Secret For Mobile Marketers: How to Track Installed iOS Apps

When building an iOS app, you have the option to implement a custom URL scheme in order to allow other applications to interact with yours. These URL schemes enable deeplinking (link to a specific screen or state of your app), which can be used for retargeting. But it can also be used to learn about your users. If you know URL schemes that other apps are using, you can check whether your users have these apps installed on their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. 

  • Check which of your competitors' apps your users are using (Ex: if you are building a messaging app, don't you want to find out if your users are using Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or WeChat?)
  • Customize experience (Ex: no need to offer Facebook Connect if your users don't have the Facebook app installed)
  • Better understand your users (Ex: users with dating apps installed probably implies that they are single)
  • Create targeting opportunities (Ex: if a large group of your user base is using an app, you may want to get an advertising deal with them to grow your user base)
In order to check whether your user has installed the app with a URL scheme "myapp://", simply insert the following code into your app delegate: 
NSURL *appURL = [NSURL URLWithString: @"myapp://"];
if ([app canOpenURL: appURL] {
     NSLog(@"The app is this URL Scheme is installed on the device");
We are constantly updating our URL Scheme database. If you would like a specific category, please contact me